Germany, to many beer fans, brings to mind two things: Oktoberfest, the incredible 2-week street party and celebration of German beer and Bavarian culture that started in 1810, and now brings over 6 million people to Munich every year in late September, and the Reinheitsgebot, the German Beer Purity Laws, the most well-known of which was adopted in Bavaria in 1516.

The true passion of Germans for their national beverage is difficult to understate. Germans love their beer, and with over 40 different styles and nearly 5000 brands, Germany is truly one of the top destinations in the world for lovers of good beer, and the convivial culture of good-natured camaraderie when enjoying a stein or two in the historic market towns and cities only adds to the allure.

The purity law was an early attempt at making sure commercially sold beer was safe to drink. It also was put in place to allow bakeries to have access to affordable supplies of rye and wheat, which had dwindled in quantity as more and more people brewed beer with those grains instead of barley malt. In fact, it is the oldest food purity law still in force. (It has been modified several times over the centuries, as needed to adapt to modernization and international distribution requirements.) 

In addition to Munich, with its aforementioned original Oktoberfest, other cities that provide genuine beer immersion experiences include: Cologne, home to the Kolsch style; Bamberg, a small market town north of Nuremburg that's home to their unique Rauchbier (Smoked lager) style; Dusseldorf, home of the Altbier style; historic towns with emerging craft brewers such as Heidelberg, Koblenz, and Dortmund, and the capital of Berlin.

Beer-themed tours of Germany are delightfully immersive, with so many different styles, towns, and festivals to choose from. Craft Beer Journeys is happy to guide you through the historical splendor and cultural passion of this proud and bustling country.


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